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Buckingham Community Centre

Buckingham Community Centre, Cornwalls Meadow, Buckingham, MK18 1RP

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Contact: Lorraine Barnard

Contact details: 01280 823584

The Centre offers a letting service at reasonable rates with many discounts, some up to 45%. The Centre has two halls, a main hall and a smaller hall, can be hired separate or both together. We have 29 x 6ft tables, 33 x 5ft tables, 20 x large round tables, 15 x small square tables & 242 padded chairs. The Centre employs a manager, two caretakers and two cleaners.
Service/Activity Type
Advice and Information
Arts (includes Drama and Music, etc.)
Carers Group
Charity (Registered)
Councils - Parish/Town/District/County
Exercise, Sports and Recreation
Faith and Religion
Hobbies and Interests
Leisure and Culture (including Heritage)
Play Group
Social/Lunch Club, or Day Centre

Summary details

Type of service: Community centres

Cost: Priced per hour for Large hall, Small hall or all accommodation. Various discounts are available.


Days of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Venue address: Buckingham Community Centre, Cornwalls Meadow, Buckingham, MK18 1RP

Venue contact: Lorraine Barnard

Venue telephone: 01280 823584

Venue email: buckingham@bcommunitycentre.plus.com

Venue website: http://www.bucksvoice.net/buckingham-community-association/

Who is this for?

Especially for: Anyone

Full organisational contact details

Address: Buckingham Community Centre, Cornwalls Meadow, Buckingham, MK18 1RP

Telephone: 01280 823584

Email: buckingham@bcommunitycentre.plus.com

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